• Mama Lee Lee (Lee White)

We are the School Team!

Janna, Lee, Mary, and Kelly recently volunteered at Nazareth Home for God’s Children to be of service to Sister Stan and the children.  While there, we helped with the babies and taught classes to enrich the educational level of the children.  While onsite teaching is valuable, more important is the fact that just being there “recharged our batteries” to return home and to do more!  We are all “fired up” to raise awareness in our respective communities about the ongoing needs of the teachers and of the Nazareth Home School:  teacher salaries, educational supplies, furnishing classrooms, completing the structures.  Are there some education enthusiasts out there who would like to join the “School Team?”  Just go to to the Contact Page and send us an email!  (In the photo, the School Team was enjoying a day of vacation at Cape Coast.  Travelers to Ghana should not miss the opportunity to visit Cape Coast Castle —  link provided.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Coast_Castle

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