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This Lady is AMAZING!!!

Nancy Hibbard grew up in Wisconsin, graduated in 1973 and then studied Office Administration. After working in a variety of fields, in 2004, she felt called to give away all her things and move to Haiti. Since returning to the US in 2015, she has tried to remain open to God’s will. To that end, Nancy is very excited about her upcoming time in Ghana. As a Catholic Christian woman, Nancy believes that she/we are all called to spread the word of God by putting faith and love into action—using our gifts and station in life to further God's kingdom, focusing on improving the lives of others, both at home and abroad. Nancy has worked in Puerto Rico, lived through several hurricanes, and survived the 2010 earthquake which killed 300,000 people in Haiti. She simply asks God to give her eyes to see what He does, and then goes to live with and learn from the people, wherever she is called to serve.

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