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Special Place in my Heart!

Godfred holds a “special place” in the heart of Raquel, who volunteered at Nazareth Home for God’s Children.

   Thank You, Raquel, for your service and for providing the post and video about Godfred!

Godfred, the boy who taught me that I have a special place in my heart for children with special needs. Not a day goes by where this boy has not made myself or other workers laugh. His love for food is unlike any other person I have seen, where every other sentence is about what he has eaten, what he will eat or what he wants to eat that day. A typical conversation with Godfred looks something like this:Me: "Good Morning Godfred"Godfred: "I eat tea and bread, should I come and collect" (meaning do you have more food for me?)Me: "I ate that as ….."Godfred: "…Gimmie fiiiiiiive"Me: *gives him high five*Godfred: "Wooooow" I could talk to this boy about the same thing for hours, because his expressions towards everything are just so funny. The moment I knew Godfred would have a special place in my heart, was when he offered me some of his biscuit, if you know Godfred you know he has an incredible love for food, but that is when I also knew I must be a special person in Godfreds heart, as he does for me as well. Finally this boy loves to drum, and he is very good at it as well, to him any surface that makes noise when you hit it is a drum, and he loves it even more when you dance to his music. The children love it when Godfred drums, and always asks you if you want to dance before he starts drumming because not only does he love to drum, he loves it even more when others are enjoying his music.  Enjoy the video of our talented drummer, Godfred!
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