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Reflections: a Trip to Ghana

This trip was short fun —  I did not work in the classrooms.  Mostly, I just took photographs for the website, spent time with Sister, staff, the children —  and, enjoyed some cultural excursions (Mole, Cape Coast Resort, Yendi Chief residence, audience with Cardinal Peter Turkson.)

Nice landscaping surrounds the buildings. Sister has planted gardens that include corn, groundnuts, tomatoes.    Vegetation is green.  Temps are cooler.  The new building near the guest houses is almost finished.  The boy’s dorm has floors and walls but is yet unfinished.  The convent also remains unfinished.

ALL of the children are doing well.  They are healthy and happy kids living as a family.

While there are many needs, education remains a priority. Building a structure for the school is necessary in order to provide space for smaller classroom sizes and to store the wonderful learning materials from donors.

Sister, the children, and Simon were so excited to receive the school supplies!  The supplies I took in my bags would fit into the bookcase in the library.

The wonderful items donated by our Atlanta friends are stored in a secure place in the house.  (Until classrooms are finished, storing the boxes is best for now.)

Good News! Two university trained teachers will arrive in September to start the academic year with the Sang kids.

There are some Nazareth Home children who would benefit from academically oriented schools outside of the village.  We will be seeking private school sponsors for these boys and girls.

Thank You to Sister Stan, to Emmanuel, and to the Buckendorf family for a perfect trip to Ghana!

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