• Mama Lee Lee (Lee White)

Paul and John, A Teacher and a Future Teacher in Ghana!

Meet John and His teacher, Paul.John is a very good student in Nazareth Home for God's Children, Sang, Ghana, West Africa.
He is a smart boy who will always respect you, especially if you will respect him as well. Six year old John is always seen helping his brothers and sisters in the orphanage home.  He assists with writing, drawing, and helping students with mobility issues walk to class. Visitors who do not know him well will never notice that Little John was congenitally amputated.  He has no complete fingers; yet, having imperfect hands does not diminish his activities at school or at home. John wishes to become a teacher.  He normally says he wants to be a teacher so he can teach little ones to acquire more knowledge, as he is aiming to do so in Nazareth Home. John, keep working hard.  We wish you well!

     Paul, Thank You for being John’s teacher!

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updated 12-6-2020