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Nazareth Home News October 2019 Edition

Exciting news is that our Marian Sisters of Eucharistic Love have their very own website!


By now there are three websites.  1) Sister Stan’s Children, 2) Our African Family, and 3) Marian Sisters of Eucharistic Love —  all linked to each other.  Because our Marian Sisters contribute to all aspects of the home, this website is available throughout Our African Family / every page.  Just go to https://www.ourafricanfamily.org and click on the MASEL logo. (Thank You, Katharine, for updating 10/17!) Appreciation, Barbara, for creating a beautiful and educational site — heart-warming photos and very useful information!

Barbara traveled to Ghana last year to test hearing of all of the children. When she returned home to Colorado, her project was to create the website —  now available!

For years, we have been concerned about the condition of Elizabeth’s foot.  Last March, Dr. Bill / MDOT, operated on Elizabeth’s foot and left behind some specific instructions —  “Stay off of that foot!”  Due to the expertise of Dr. Bill and to a cart, donated by Steve and Bridgette, I have been told by Nurse Joan that Elizabeth’s foot is much better. In addition to donating the little cart for Elizabeth, Steve and Bridgette visited Sang, brought laptops, and helped with the school. Thank You, Steve and Bridgette! As a retired teacher, I love schools and I enjoy books.   I am so personally grateful to Jackie and Glenn Morgan —  good friends, educators, and Greenheart managers -- who have donated two huge shipments of books and other useful school supplies.  One shipment is neatly stored in shelves and cataloged.  (Thank You, Nancy!)  Another shipment is in Accra and ready to go to Sang.  (Appreciation to Emmanuel for providing smooth passage of the learning materials to Sang!)  Jackie and Glenn, gifts of education last forever! Laptops, donated by Judy Miller (another Greenheart Manager who visited Sang with her granddaughter)  are being used to teach computer skills to the nuns and to the children.  Nancy has told Sister that her only “problem” is trying to get her students out of the computer lab!  Judy was so happy when she saw the photographs of the laptops being used.  

Dates have been (tentatively) set for the next dental / medical outreach for 2020, March 13 —  22.

When MDOT is in Sang, it is busy and fast-paced.  For this reason, it is best for this time to be reserved only for this team.

The success of this incredible project is all due to the generosity of Dr. Bartoletti, Sister Stan, and Emmanuel!

Soon, on October 29 -- Lee, Sister Mary Elizabeth, and Whitney will travel once again to Ghana.  Our purpose for this trip is to hand-deliver bag-loads of supplies, to take photographs for our websites, and simply to visit with the children, Sisters, staff, and friends.  Our original plan was to travel only with carry on luggage.  For Whitney and Lee, traveling lightly is not possible.  We will leave on the 29th -- LOADED!  (We will beg for mercy when standing in front of the staff-people at Africa World Airlines.) Shalom, Lee

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