• Mama Lee Lee (Lee White)

My Favorite Things ..... Playing, Learning Progressing, Coming Together in Ghana!

Raquel, our Canadian volunteer, had the “time of her life” working with the children and the teachers in Ghana —  playing, learning, progressing, and coming together.  (Mama LeeLee)

My favourite moments within the Nazareth Home are being able to sit and just watch the children play and learn.  Playing with them typically happens on Saturday mornings after they have finished their chores, when the kids and I go to the playground and just swing on the swings, go on the roundabout, or the seesaw.
My favorite game to play with them is football, and their favourite to play with me is What Time is it Mr. Wolf. These moments getting to watch the children play laugh and interact with each other warms my heart more than I would have imagined it to.
Also seeing the progress that they are making in school, working closely with the children as teacher has been incredible to see how far each student as comes, as well as the school in general.
I have been able to witness so many part of the home come together, in my short time here and I am very excited to see what Nazareth Home for God's Children holds for the future.

We are a family!https://www.ourafricanfamily.org

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