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Moving Forward ……. Learning Under a Shade Tree

When driving around in the Northern Region of Ghana, it is normal to sometimes see classrooms under shade trees. Schools under trees fill the need of providing education for children in rural communities.  Such schools offer the basics of teachers, students, whiteboards and benches —  often under a nice shady mango tree. Even with the distractions of heat, dust, rain, airborne insects, or people and animals wandering around, I am convinced learning takes place in such environments.  Children in Ghana are very eager to learn! Moving forward in Ghana, many such “shade tree schools” are being replaced by permanent structures with university trained educators as teachers. Just outside the front door of the building we remember as the “old house,”  we had our own shade tree classroom. School would start with a few supplies and with our own Nazareth Home students; however, we were always joined by village children wanting to participate.  The level of appreciation from those kids motivated me every afternoon to prepare for lessons under that shade tree! While I have fond memories of the old house and the tree, Nazareth Home for God’s Children, as has the country of Ghana, is moving forward. We now have more than a dozen Nazareth Home boys and girls, attending private schools.  Private education includes day and boarding institutions to meet the needs of academically oriented students as well as those with special needs. Additionally, a private school in Sang Village Community is now located within the walls of Nazareth Home for God’s Children.  Classes are  being conducted by our own teachers.  We have unfinished classrooms; but, the classes are inside a building, and not under a shade tree.   https://www.ourafricanfamily.org/our-school From the very beginning, among the goals of Sister Stan is to meet the educational needs of all of her children. https://www.ourafricanfamily.org/meet-sr-stan-video For me, personally, it is nostalgic to look back to the early days. However, to move forward is much more exciting! I am honored to be even a small part of this forward movement. *** At the old house, every day was laundry day. Can friends reading this post recognize the three “star students,” pictured below? https://www.ourafricanfamily.org/contact-us

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