• Mama Lee Lee (Lee White)

I am Mama Lee Lee!

Mama Lee Lee 2018

By now, I have traveled to Ghana eight times to work with Sister Stan and with the children of Nazareth Home for God’s Children.   From the very beginning, I fell in love with the children, the country, the culture, the people. Ghana has a bright, colorful, vibrant culture that includes food, music, dancing, drumming, celebrations, friendships, and family.  Among the cultural traditions that I enjoy is a respect for the older generation, especially women.  At approximately the age of 65, women in Ghana become “mama.”   We become “mamas” to everyone —  including those outside family and friend connections.   I walk down the street in my village and the folks shout, “Mama LeeLee” to grab my attention.  Those in shops or on the street who do not even know me also call me “mama.”  Having this sort of special recognition as a “senior citizen” of another country is very special to me!

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updated 12-6-2020