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God’s Plan for Saviour

I have been going to Nazareth Home for God’s Children since January 2016. I have traveled there five times and stayed for a total of 19 weeks. During that time I evaluated each child and created medical records for every one of the children.
I was always charmed by Saviour and his smile. He would wedge himself into one of the concrete ditches while calling to me “ Mama Joan, I can stand!” I could see the determination in his eyes, his desire was to be mobile like all the other children at the orphanage. During my trip to Uganda in 2017 with Abraham, for surgery to correct his hydrocephalus, I saw a grown man wearing flip flops on his hands to propel himself across a busy street to beg for food and money. His choice of mobility mirrored Saviours. This brought me to tears and I knew in my heart that Saviour could do so much more with his life than begging!
My trip home was derailed by Harmattan winds. I was forced to ride the overnight bus, miss my departing flight out of Accra, after many ticket changes, 59 hrs later, ended up in the Detroit airport where I met a sweet lady who overheard me talking about Sister Stan and her children. She was to guest host the Sirius Catholic Radio channel and asked me to come and be a guest speaker. She lives in my neighborhood and without the travel delays, I never would have met her! It all made sense now!
During my interview I was asked in the final minutes what I wanted to take for my next visit. I mentioned needing someone with physical therapy experience. A beautiful lady named Marie Spinello, in California, heard the last few minutes of the interview, contacted Sister Stan’s children INC for information. She also felt called to help Sister and her children. She joined me the following January and we have traveled together ever since then. She was solely instrumental in evaluating Saviour and compiling the PT evaluation of his physical abilities and limitations.
When I returned home, I prayed for guidance. That is when Our Lord had me research Shriners Hospital for Children. I found a Shriners in my home state of South Carolina and as I clicked on information I was drawn to Dr David Westberry, who specializes in lower limb deformities and Cerebral Palsy! I knew in my heart that this is where the Lord was leading me. I found a contact for international patients and made contact with an angel named Lisa Finley. I sent the request along with Marie’s evaluation and again prayed, believing God was in control!
Dr Westberry agreed to take a Saviour as a patient and surgery was set for June 27 with a pre operative visit on Monday June 26. I received a phone call on Friday June 23 reminding me of the appointment. I said “yes, we will be there,” even though I knew that Saviour was still in Accra and awaiting a Visa. I knew that our Lord did not bring me this far for nothing. I prayed the entire weekend, professing “ Jesus I trust in you”! At 6pm on Sunday June 25th , Saviour landed in Charleston, accompanied by a wonderful and very tired Lee White! God is so good!
He had his surgery as scheduled and was as determined in his recovery and rehabilitation as he was in Ghana! Many Thanks to those at Shriners as well as MUSC ( Dr. Dodd’s and Dr. Coker-Bolt ) who have provided physical and occupational services free of charge!
He returned the following year to have the pins and screws removed from his right leg and more therapy to include Equestrian therapy which teaches the pelvis how to “ rock” when walking! Another surgery this May helped correct his left foot that was turning in causing him to walk on his medial ankle. He also had a surgical fracture of his left leg with pins and screws. Therapy on his right hand this August at MUSC to train his brain to use both hands, not just his left.
God is so good and still has great plans for this child of His!

Saviour’s medical journey was posted by Mama Joan Tucker.We wish the best of luck to Saviour; and, we send special appreciation to Mama Joan and to Papa Bill!

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updated 12-6-2020