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Emmanuel, Our “Go To” Person in Ghana!

It was my first visit to Ghana, approximately eight years ago, when I first met Emmanuel.

He called to make sure I was okay. He came to the hotel to provide an orientation, to help me buy a local phone, to assist with domestic airline ticket to Tamale. He drove me around Accra for my introduction to his wonderful capital city. He became a friend!

Since then, Emmanuel has become our faithful “go to” person:  for Sister Stan, for Lee, for all who visit Ghana.

Airline Tickets:  Go To Emmanuel

Luggage Negotiations:  Go To Emmanuel

Accra Accommodations:  Go To Emmanuel

Educational Excursions:  Go To Emmanuel

Cultural Advice:  Go To Emmanuel

Air Compressor:  Go To Emmanuel

Local Transportation:  Go To Emmanuel

Crowd Control for Dentists:  Go To Emmanuel

Event Planner:  Go To Emmanuel

Take Charge Person:  Go To Emmanuel

The list goes on, Emmanuel …...

We thank you for all you do for us.

We thank you for your patience with us.

We thank you for sharing your wonderful family with us.

We love you —  Emmanuel, Angie, Nii, and Hilda!

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updated 3-6--2021


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