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Educating Our African Children

When I first started traveling to Ghana, we lived in the "old house," children attended a crowded and unequipped government school, and supplementary lessons were held under the shade tree.

Since then, there has been incredible progress! We have a spacious home, our very own Nazareth Home school with teachers and with learning materials, opportunities for our academically-oriented children to attend excellent private schools outside of the village in Tamale. Currently, our Nazareth Home school is located inside an unfinished building with just two classrooms and without windows and doors.  We have excellent teachers. We have primary level students as well as special needs children who love school and who are eager to learn.  However, we have some challenges: 1) Ongoing needs include funds for teacher salaries and for appropriate learning supplies.
2) To provide the best possible education, our Nazareth Home school needs a four-classroom building.  Providing a secure building will enable our teachers to store and to utilize school supplies.  Providing four classrooms will enhance learning by providing opportunities for age and ability groupings with smaller numbers of students in classrooms.  https://www.ourafricanfamily.org/how-to-help
Many of our children are advanced learners who require more than we can offer in the village.  For them, private schools in Tamale are available to best meet their educational needs.  By becoming a private school sponsor, you can contribute a future leader to Ghana's society!   https://www.ourafricanfamily.org/blog/my-experience-with-a-witch As we move forward in our efforts to educate our African children, we are so grateful for the support of our friends!

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