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Educate a Girl and Educate a Nation

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

In Ghana, there is a well-known African proverb:“Educate a man and educate an individual.  Educate a woman and educate an entire nation.” Mother Superior Sister Stan and the Sisters of Eucharistic Love, Nazareth Home for God’s Children, place a high priority on education.  Some Nazareth Home children are enrolled in academically oriented private schools.  Others attend the onsite village school in Sang. Some live outside the home in order to receive specialized training. Because girls have the potential to positively impact society, in this specific post I will focus only on educating the girls. Girls who are educated delay marriage and childbearing, therefore reducing “child brides” and teenage mothers.  Educated girls, as adults, will teach their communities and will be more likely to provide schooling for their children.  When they become mothers, they will seek medical care for themselves and for the entire family. More specifically, girls at Nazareth Home for God’s Children have been labeled by their local communities as needy children. An education will give them the skills to return to their villages as living proof that they are contributors!  They will help reduce poverty as valuable contributors to the society. Many Nazareth Home girls have overcome physical and mental challenges. it is a hope that they will become advocates for handicapped people in Ghana. Bobo / Martha and Blessing are among the capable learners who can benefit from academically oriented private schools.  Solid primary level classes will prepare them for secondary school and perhaps the university.  I predict many of our girls will become future leaders in Ghana!


Our village school in Sang serves the needs of primary level children, older boys and girls, and the handicapped. Noella is just one of our bright, young girls who is receiving early childhood education onsite.  As sponsors become available, Noella will later join the private school students. Joyce is an older girl who arrived without language, reading, writing, or math skills.  She is very eager to learn!  Our teachers are working with Joyce one-on-one and it is so rewarding to witness her progress.


Sylvia / Martina and Perpetual are among the mentally and physically handicapped who attend classes in Sang.  Sylvia and Martina love art projects.  Perpetua is our dancer.

In March, professionals from the U.S. (a special education teacher and an audiologist) will arrive to assist with children who fall within this group.  Additionally, they will provide some specialized training for our teachers.

A goal for the Sang school is to become a leader in Ghana for Special Education programs.

A gift of education lasts forever!If you are interested in contributing to the education of a girl in Ghana, please contact Our African Family.


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