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Buildings Do Not Educate Children!

Updated: May 31, 2018

Soon after the war was over in the Balkins, we hosted a young man from Bosnia for a high school year in Colorado. We were so proud! Our student made straight “A’s!” Realizing that “classrooms” in Sarajevo during the war were basements in bombed buildings without supplies or electricity or running water, my husband asked how he was able to achieve here such high marks. His answer: “We had good teachers.” Sometimes we may think that  beautiful buildings represent “progress.” Buildings do not educate. Good teachers educate children. “Progress” is seeing students learn! Our school in Sang, the village of Nazareth Home for God’s Children, includes two unfinished rooms. This is okay because we have dedicated teachers, enthusiastic students, and some desks, white boards, and teaching supplies. Our teachers do have some challenges: Approximately fifty children, from very young to teenage, attend our school.  Most have some sort of mental or physical disability that include mobility issues, poor coordination, seizures, hydrocephalus, cognitive delays, speech and hearing impairments, inconsistent behavior, short attention spans, cataracts.  With the help of our teachers, all can learn! Teachers are eager for all the children to reach their full potentials.  They hope for additional staff professionals so class sizes can be reduced.  They need a variety of teaching materials to meet the individual learning styles of the students.  Every child should have a desk. We are a team of individuals in the United States and in Ghana who raise awareness about the school in Sang and we need your help! Our goal for June and July is to collect school supplies to support the teachers and to enrich the education of the children. Those who would like to provide gifts of education may send checks (made out to “Sister Stan’s Children”) or school supplies to Lee White. Your donation will make a huge difference! Thank You from the Education Enrichment Team Lee, Mary, Janna, Kelly, Raquel, Emmanuel, Bridgette https://www.ourafricanfamily.org
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