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Abraham, a Boy in Ghana Who Stole My Heart!

While Mama Joan is very modest about recognition for herself, the fact remains: surgery for hydrocephalus was lifesaving. We are pleased to report that Abraham is doing well! Future plans are to build a school and clinic to serve our children and the village community. (Mama LeeLee)I have had difficulty writing this because I don’t want any “kudos” or praise for what I consider to be God’s work. I am just His hands and feet and all praise should go to Him! I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me when in September 2014 I heard Sister Stan speak at our Mass for a mission appeal. I knew as a retired NICU nurse that I had some skills that could help her with the children she had rescued. I spoke with my husband regarding my call to help and he was on board with my decision to travel to Ghana. My first trip was in January 2015. I traveled alone but was not afraid. I knew that Our Lord was with me every step of the way. I met the 37 children that Sister had rescued. I fell in love with each and every one of them! I made medical records for each, charting their height and weights, looking into their ears and eyes, documenting their deformities, having a basic record to take to the local clinic or hospital with pertinent information. I put “plasters “ (band aids) on many “wounds” some fresh and some very old.  https://www.ourafricanfamily.org/meet-sr-stan-video

I met so many adorable children there, I just did not know how to help them. When I returned to South Carolina, I was invited to speak with a church group called Cursillo. I had prepared a video presentation with pictures of all the children at Nazareth Home for God’s Children. The one child that truly stole my heart was Abraham, a sweet 4 year old with hydrocephalus so severe he had trouble holding his head erect. He was very quiet and I assumed he had a chronic headache from the pressure inside his head that was squeezing his brain. After showing his slide during the presentation one of the men told me he had a contact at MUSC ( Medical Univeristy of South Carolina) who may be able to help. Long story short, I found out that we could not bring Abraham here as there was already help in Africa. We arranged with CURE Hospital Uganda to have the cutting edge surgery that only 9 neurosurgeons here in the US can preform. The cost was $1000.00, which we had no idea how that money would be raised. The Holy Spirit sent us to NC with the presentation and that is where a loving family donated the entire amount to fund his surgery. Sister Stan and I accompanied Abraham to Uganda in 2016 and the surgery to save his life was preformed. God is so good ! He sent me where I needed to be to find the help to save Abraham.
Today Abraham is a happy, healthy boy who dances and plays and is going to school!

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