Educating Our Children

Among the goals Sister Stan has for her children is self-sufficiency, which can only be achieved with education.


With multiple ability levels and with children ranging in age from babies to teenagers, meeting educational needs can present a challenge.  Many of our boys and girls are bright, normal children who have the potential to be future leaders of the country.  Some are mentally and physically handicapped.  Others have developmental delays.  All can learn and all can benefit from programs to meet their various needs.


We have good news! Soon, Nazareth Home for God’s Children will have its own private and fully-equipped boarding school, offering small class sizes and qualified teachers for kindergarten through 9th grade.  We are equally pleased to provide, in a separate facility, technical instruction for job-enhancing skills such as sewing, catering, bicycle and auto repair, child care skills, and more.  For older and academically oriented boys and girls, secondary school is ongoing.


By educating our Nazareth Home children, we are making progress in reducing poverty and improving the overall wellbeing in the country.


Join us!


updated 1-24--2021