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MASEL is a young order with the purpose of serving the children of Nazareth Home for God’s Children as well as poorest of the poor in the North of Ghana.  They will teach in the school, assist with the clinic, reach out to Sang Village Community, and and contribute to daily operations of the home.


Please remember Sister Stan, Audrey, Mary, and Eva in your prayers.


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MASEL: To fulfill her dream of operating a new orphanage and caring for the "spirit children" of Northern Ghana, a new Religious Congregation called Marian Sisters of Eucharistic Love (MASEL) has been established. MASEL's five main goals are: 1) To provide for the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual welfare of the children. 2) To demonstrate to the parents of the Sang community that these children are not "evil spirits" and that the care needed by them is possible within the family setting. 3) To foster relationships between these children and their families who will come to accept them as part of the community. 4) To develop an educational/training scheme for educating the community. 5) To integrate medical professionals into the program as a means of changing the beliefs of the people through elimination of these disabilities.  (From Sister Stan’s Children, Inc)

updated 3-6--2021


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