Meet Lee White:

"Mama LeeLee"


One Sunday morning, about nine years ago, an African nun spoke for less than five minutes at church.  At this point, I do not remember what she actually said!  Maybe, I was even impressed by her appearance —  a young African woman with a soft-spoken voice dressed in a beautiful blue habit. I listened to her! Her mission of working with the children in Ghana, West Africa, hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew I had to go.


From the first time my feet hit “African soil,” I fell in love with Sister Stan, the Nazareth Home children, the country of Ghana, the culture of the people.


I remember so well my first night and my first morning in Ghana. I fell asleep to the "music” of animal sounds and to singing and drumming of village folks. I awoke to the crowing of a rooster and with friendly goats roaming around the house to say “hello.”  I knew I was in for a life-changing adventure!


Sister Stan is first of all a servant —  dedicated to the care of approximately 70 mentally and physically handicapped children. Providing a home, food, water, transportation, medical / dental care, and education are not easy tasks for someone supporting such a large family! Yet, there is enough love to go around and the children are happy.


Now, after eight trips to Ghana, my friends there have become my extended family.

I look forward to returning “home” — to wake up in the mornings surrounded by family — and, to the crowing of a rooster!

updated 3-6--2021


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